Private Bikers

SAVE THE DATE: The Private Bikers Association of Kenya (PBAK) is inviting, all the private bikers of all age, category and experience to an end of year ride to celebrate those who have joined the community in the last 2yrs. 2021 cannot end without us riding together. 🔥 Meru, Embu, Chuka, Mwea and Nanyuki bikers will meet the bikers convoy leaving Nairobi at Makutano Junction, then ride to Nyeri for lunch.🔥🔥🔥

Date: 12th December
Meet Up: Shell Parklands (Opp. Kenya School of Law, Forest Road)
Time: 8:00am
Stands Up: 8:45am
Destination: Nyeri

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  1. Hey, currently not a member of PBAK but would like to join and would love to come for the nyeri ride.

    Do let me know how to go about this.


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