Private Bikers

Team Leaders


Lawrence Mbagara

Chair – 2022 (Current)

Lawrence Mbagara is an IT Systems Engineer, married and a father of two young Adults. Lawrence together with the family started riding in the year 2016 after the death of his nephew (James Quest) and core founder of Motorcycle Kenya today PBAK.
Lawrence has served in various organizations and capacities over the years. Currently he is a board member of Hope Anew Ministries and a Trustee of Parkroad Fellowship among others.
As a passionate leader Lawrence is committed to service with a slogan “Leave No Man behind” in improving riding in Kenya and beyond

Natasha Murigu

Vice Chair – 2022 (current)


Natasha is a communications professional delivering in internal and external communications to improve transparency, accountability, sustainability, and achieve impact at scale for organizations and development agencies.

She has been riding since 2018 and has a preference for touring and adventure riding.

Natasha has previously served as a leader for the Lavington/Kilimani/Kileleshwa (LKK) Nyumba Kumi, and successfully instituted a succession and transition plan for new leadership to continue serving the neighborhood biking community with a shared vision and set objectives.

Natasha is looking forward to continuing to positively influence and advance the needs of the biking community.


William Archer

Secretary – 2022 (Current)


William Archer, an Engineer by profession. Current PBAK secretary, main role is correspondence for the association, both internally & externally. Been biking on & off since 2007, on a neighbour’s bike. Eventually got my own first bike in 2016. Enjoying life on two wheels since then. Passionate about making biking attractive & safe for everyone, so future generations don’t have to fear pursuing it. Personal interest is adventure touring.


Amanya Kuchio

Organising Secretary – 2022 (Current)

Amanya is a social worker, co-founder of Femme Logistics Limited and mother to one princess. She has been riding since August 2018 and enjoys adventure riding. She serves as the Treasurer of the Women Bikers Association (WBA) and is immediate former Vice-Chair of 125/6 Diaspora Outriders aka Rongai nyumba kumi. 
She is passionate about leadership, community service and empowering individuals/communities to improve their livelihoods and build their capacities for self-care and development. 
In her free time, she enjoys singing, dancing, swimming, reading, travelling, shooting pool and mentoring the youth. 
She is elated to serve in this role and looks forward to seeing the biking community unite, grow and thrive.

Joe Kaibiu

Treasurer – 2022 (current)


Joe is an ICT practitioner by profession and has been riding since April 2014 when he bought his first bike for commuting to work and evening classes to save on time on the road. Has never stopped riding since.

Joe has served as a Treasurer and Vice-Chair of Superhero Bikers Club (SBC). Joe is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA-K) and a member of ICPAK, and is humbled to be elected and to serve as the Treasurer of PBAK.

Joe’s hobbies are playing chess, rugby and adventure riding.


Mutua Mutuku

Legislative – 2022 (current)


Mutua Mutuku is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a co-host of a mentorship platform; Wakili Quick One. He sits at the board of Kenya Fashion Council. Mutua has been riding since the year 2019 and it has been one hell of a ride. Mutua is an adrenaline junkie who enjoys a good read, banter, rugby, classical music and is happy to build on to PBAK objectives.


Kelvin Odek

Welfare Pillar – 2022 (Current)


A pastor and a mental health ambassador for men. I love riding because it allows me to meet new people. I am passionate about bringing people together. Riding is ministry for me, with this am able to help and walk with people in different scopes.

When I ride I feel free and am able to think, process and better my mental health .


George Njeru

Safety Pillar – 2022 (current)

Njeru George, a.k.a Karis Njeru is a safety enthusiast,an adventure biker and a cyclist .He practises his career in Marketing and Distribution in the development sector. He belongs to Thika Road Nyumba Kumi, where he coordinates discourse on safety every Thursday.  
Hobbies : Riding, playing guitar & drums, reading.