Private Bikers

The Bikers’ Dinner 2021 organized by WBA brought together over 80 motorcycle enthusiasts this Saturday to celebrate achievements of lady bikers and the biking community at large.

We celebrate the WBA team: This 2021 you pulled together over a dozen rides, events and trainings. We celebrate all who joined hands in the planning teams to organize beautiful events and initiatives. We celebrate the different biker club across the country who build vibrant community every day. All 254 bikers who pushed their limits this year: who built their skills, who got up after a fall, who tried something new! We celebrate our spouses and family for their support. The biker moms: we don’t know how you do it! The biker brothers who always come through. We celebrate 7,445 trees planted in partnership with Miti Alliance this year. We celebrate each biker who gets on their nduthi and lives their best life!

Thanks to the sponsors and partners of The Bikers Dinner: Cookies Corner, Inchcape, Regency Hotel Nanyuki, Code Xchange, Wasike from ART and Shakir and the team at F45 Gym.

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