Private Bikers


Shafiq Taibjee



Shafiq was the first Legislative member of Motorcycle Kenya and doubled up as the secretary at inception.

Shafiq introduced the need to have a registered body to ensure accountability to its members and started the process to have an official umbrella body that would foster unity among private bikers as well as fight for the rights of private bikers while creating road safety awareness.

Gitau Komu



Gitau assisted in the finalisation of the registration of PBAK and in various efforts to counter harassment of private bikers in Nairobi’s CBD by the County Enforcement Officers.

Lucy Monyenye



Building on the efforts of her predecessors, Monyenye is working to ensure that PBAK is compliant with laws, achieves its objectives and creates a network of partners that can be used to further the objectives of PBAK. 

Edward Rubiro (Ribz)



During his tenure, Ribz helped in setting up the administrative systems for each PBAK pillar, training the officials on corporate governance and setting up structures to ensure continuity in leadership as well as drafting the constitution that would be later used to govern the registered body.