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About Us

The Private Bikers Association of Kenya was “formally” started in 2014 by representatives of different biker groups, associations, Clubs to express the corporate desire to form a united private biker body to advocate for their needs in the country.  Originally there was the Outriders Association of Kenya, TSA, Cruising Kings, Coast Riders Association, Lakeside Riders and Superhero Bikers Club(SBC) among others were the few organized groups then.

2015 saw rapid growth of bikers that saw the rise of bikers getting organized into either the type of bike they rode or into Nyumba Kumis (where they lived or worked) as a way of helping each other in case of emergencies and also to look out for each other on the roads.

Benefits of Joining PBAK

As an umbrella body for private bikers in Kenya, PBAK is meant to ensure that the private bikers voice is heard through engaging authorities on various matters of interest, advocating for inclusive policies, creating awareness on road safety and proper training as well as ensuring private bikers welfare is promoted through road rescues after incidents, access to discounted services and social support where there is a need.

Over the years, PBAK officials have managed to:

Join us today, engage us and let us know how we can keep serving you better! 😊

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